Christopher Lake and Prince Albert

Further north on the now getting familiar, Highway 2. An overnight visit to the beautiful lakeside home of one of Louise’s family. Although we didn’t see any water as there had been another 6 inches of snow a few days 4

There is a fascination growing with grain elevators. Ian is sketching out something to do with the names as well as looking a the amount of water in this area and the variety and novelty in the names of the lakes.

photo 3

Prince Albert had to be explored on the way back south, The Mann Art Gallery had a very appropriate exhibition – Relative Connections, described as “An exploration of collaborative art production between artist couples!” ( the premise was to get artist couples that would not normally work together, to create a new work that was a combination of their own practices or was in a completely new medium to them both.

Fantastic bridges and buildings, somehow looked like they belong in a western film-set.

photo 1  photo 3

Then we found the ultimate destination, a grain elevator with the name of a lake – Duck Lake! But the writing was so feint on the building it was almost nameless.

photo 1 photo 4

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