Saskatoon to Regina road trip

A date with the Saskatchewan Writers Guild in Regina, had the Stephen Morrison combo on a road trip down Highway 2. There were so many Grain Elevator photo opportunities that had to be mentally stored for the return trip north.


A weekend of poetry (, art exhibitions (, a literary brunch with award winning writer Katherine Lawrence, real ale (, contemporary dance at New Dance Horizons ( )and a Pow Wow !(

Many thanks to Bruce Rice for being such an excellent guide during our stay.

The return trip north was punctuated with many stops, mostly at every Grain Elevator spotted on the horizon.

photo 1 photo 2


These incredibly  iconic structures are gradually fading from the landscape as modern grain storage methods take over – horizontal white plastic grain hoppers don’t quite have the same aesthetic appeal somehow

grain store


The journey gave us an indication of the scale of the countryside, the long, long, long straights made sense of cruise control, whereas in the UK this feature is a of little use on most roads.


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