Acts of Trust – artists book

Acts of Trust

The Acts of Trust book was created in response to the outreach workshops held in schools throughout the western isles during Stephen’s Reader in Residence post in 2012. Three stories were told to a variety of classes by Stephen, then Morrison led drawing workshops to enable the pupils to visualise the story. Images of the drawings were the source material for photogravure etching plates, the texts, condensed into ¬†prose poems, were relief printed on to the same length of Hahnemuhle¬†paper, which was then folded to make two pages of the Japanese folded, stab stitched book. Silver thread was used for the stitching and grey craft card for the cover.

AoT 3 AoT 4 AoT 5 AoT 6 AoT 7 AoT 8 AoT 9 AoT 10 AoT 11 AoT 12 AoT 13 AoT 14

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